This man doesn’t need any introduction! LaVelle Smith Jr. worked with artists like The Rolling Stones, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, George Michael and many more! Smith Jr. won five times the MTV video awards for co-choreographing the music videos from En Vogue’s ‘My Lovin’, ‘Free Your Mind’, ‘Whatta Man’. In 1995 he won the award for the video ‘Scream’, a duet between Michael and Janet Jackson. He won his fifth award with the music video for Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’. Noticed by Michael Jackson, LaVelle landed a job as a dancer before becoming Michael Jackson’s choreographer. He worked on the three world tours: Bad, Dangerous and History.


The founder of ‘The Man Behind The Dance’ was born in Cologne, Germany. Later he moved to Belgium and he is now based in the city of Antwerp. He has made some small production for ITV since 2006. From 2018 he has been involved for the website where he had the opportunity to interview ‘The Muscles From Brussels’ Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) and Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk). Since the release of ‘Leaving Neverland’ he put all his efforts in his project’ The Man Behind The Dance’ to honor LaVelle Smith Jr. and Michael Jackson!


Thibault, also from Antwerp, is the co-creator of ‘The Man Behind The Dance’! He is also a self-made man and started his own production house Think Video. In the early 2000 he founded the ‘TVID’, a website that streamed all kind of events in Belgium. He also worked with a lot of stars from Belgium and Netherlands. These days, his focus is more on creating corporate videos.


Richard is based in the beautiful country Brasil. Richard is the advisor of LaVelle Smith Jr. Together with LaVelle he organize work shops all around the globe to give the fans an unique insight in the moves Michael created with LaVelle!


The author of the music of ‘The Man Behind The Dance’ was born in Antwerp, Belgium. Actually he lives in Málaga. Music producer, songwriter, composer, music arranger and musician with a succesfull Spanish and International artists music career recognized with several golden and platinum records. Soul and heart is given in every note on this project to honor Lavelle Smith Jr. and Michael Jackson!